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People and the environment are the same for us.
We love them both.
All around us, things are interconnected by means of invisible, priceless bonds.
What would colour be without light? What would happen to the seas if rivers ran dry? Man is no exception to this mechanism. What would people be without the territory they live in? They would simply not exist.

That is why, in Hung Yen we believe that respecting our environment and our labour force, is a mandatory choice. Our “Work in ECO” philosophy has led us to treat all industrial wastes in order to make them safe for the environment and to select only those raw materials with a really low environmental impact and those technologies which have allowed to dramatically reduce energy consumption, cut down on packaging materials and to duly sort garbage and wastes for recycling. It is therefore not surprising that Kira has been awarded the prestigious OEKO-TEX® certificate, testifying the fact that it is totally free of any hazardous substances which might damage our skin.

And what about people? Our philosophy is focused on people. From the point of view of cultural integration, all barriers have been pulled down. Local habits and customs are obviously different, but our two Italian managers have been collaborating with the local staff over the years and the mechanism is now perfectly tuned. The ultimate result? Complete harmony. With the local territory, the environment and people.