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Producing means seeing, designing means checking: 2 million meters in stock, a fast production and a quick delivery service.
Foresight is a gift endowed to just a few, lucky people. Only those who can project their thought onwards can turn dreams into reality. It is like daydreaming: people who can do it can change the world.

Hung Yen production plant was born like this, thanks to an innovative and pioneering approach to business. Today, thanks to numerous dyeing and knitting machines, we can produce up to 20 million meters per year. But we also hold a stock of 2 million meters to satisfy the demand for fabrics dyed in the colours belonging to our colour card.

Our vision was broader and more ambitious than this, though: we also wanted to achieve excellence in terms of lead time and reliability. Nowadays, thanks to a joint effort made with our Vietnamese employees and collaborators, we can ensure, also for custom colours, a 2-week lead time from the order confirmation date to whatever destination in Asia.