The tradition behind our know-how,
the know-how behind our quality.
Stop and think for a while of what the world “quality” means to you. It is intended as a thin line between a feeling and a mere experience, a soft nuance turning a simple moment into a precious memory. In other words, quality makes the difference between surviving and living well, and in Hung Yen we know this far too well.
This is the reason why, when we have to make a choice, we let our Italian know-how be our drive. This is how we produce our highly competitive fabrics every single day: carefully selecting our raw materials and thoroughly checking the quality of both the weaving and knitting processes as well as the dyeing and finishing ones, focusing on technology and paying the right attention to details, monitoring all stages of our production thanks to a lab in which we carry out all physical and chemical tests complying with the ISO and AATCC standards 5.
Results are there to be seen by everybody. The quality of our warp knitted, stretch, techno-fabrics as well as the repeatability and reproducibility of all colours are consistent over time, and they are absolutely safe for the skin. The actual benchmark for beachwear and sportswear.