Poverty and lack of clean water go hand-in-hand, think about how different life would be without accessible clean water. Most of the daily activities we take for granted in developed countries like drinking a glass of water or maintaining a good hygiene routine utilizing indoor plumbing and drinking clean water wouldn’t be possible – yet this is still today the reality of the life of the 65% of people living in the rural communities of Vietnam. When water supplies are improved and sustainable, it enhances a community’s economic growth and reduces poverty, allowing people to thrive mentally and spiritually, stay physically healthy and prevent diseases spreading caused by a lack of adequate sanitation, and hygiene.

Planet water foundation is a non-profit organization focused on bringing clean water to the world’s impoverished communities through the installation of community-based water filtration systems (towers) and implementing Water-Health and Hygiene Education programs. The projects are focused on schools, children, and rural communities across Asia and Latin America. From 2020 to 2022 we partnered with the organization, on a three year’s journey across six small lively and populous communities in Vietnam, mostly farmers and also migrant workers. Our project specifically targeted the province of Hung Yen, where we operate and where most of our employees live with their families.

From 2020 to 2022, Hung Yen Knitting & Dyeing directly funded and assisted the installation of six filtration water towers and sanitation systems, in five primary schools and one kindergarten’s courtyard. Providing access to clean water supply for drinking or personal hygiene to 10.800 people. It is also thanks to our long-term customer Pentland Brands – which seized the opportunity to fund one more project – that the final number reached up to seven towers totally installed by the end of 2022, raising the number of those who can now have free access to the clean and safe water tap to 12.600 people.

A grounded experience and action on the territory, undertaken with enthusiasm and the target to bring an example and an opportunity, with the upfront contribution of the teams of volunteers from different departments of our company – from offices to production – whom helped with the installation of each filtration system, together with the Water Planet Foundation local team members, whom technically supervised each deployment and leaded the Hygiene Education programs with dedication and enthusiasm.

We would like to thank all who have participated to this project, joining forces and contributing with their own resources, time and enthusiasm to reach the result we achieved.

We believe that planting a small seed of welfare may help to build a different perspective for each kid, teacher and member of the community and the opportunity to learn that giving value to something simple such as drinking a glass of safe water, or washing your hands with clean tap water means indirectly to give importance to improve the quality of life of a person, as much as of whole community.

Hung Yen Knitting & Dyeing Team

WHEN From 28 to 30 November, daily opening time 8:30AM to 17:30PM (VNT)

WHERE CHAM BOOTH GF44 – THISO SkyHall, 10 Mai Chi Tho Blvd., Thu Thiem New Urban, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.​

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We will join this November GEFE 2022 – Green Economy and Forum Exhibition, the first edition of a comprehensive European event that will bring together technical experts from European and Vietnamese companies, international business organizations, political authorities of Vietnam and the European commercial and political representative, to make plans, share visions, showcase the most advanced technologies and debate the best solutions for a sustainable governance and business growth aligned to the Vietnam National Green Growth Strategy Agenda for 2021-2030.

As European and Italian textile company present during the three days of the exhibition, we will have the great opportunity to shed a light on the industrial model we brought to Vietnam since the beginning of our activities in 2009, the technical solutions and optimization of the production process implemented though the years, as an example of responsible, dynamic and sustainable business model in the textile & garment production field in Vietnam and in the Region.

We will also be glad to share with our audience of experts, some tangible results of what investing on constant R&D activities and strategic partnerships allowed us to achieve in the latest years, with the usage of 100% recycled and certified raw materials from post-consumer and post-industrial origin.

Our presence to GEFE 2022 will represent an opportunity to discuss our vision for a sustainable growth of our production headquarter in the north of Vietnam, starting from January 2023 with the international certification of the electrical power supply: from 50% renewable hydropower energy in 2022, to 100% solar energy from 2023. 

Engineering studies are already in progress for a potential and gradual upgrade of the production plant, to achieve specific self-set reduction goals already by 2025 based on our Environmental strategy, in terms of emissions and dependence on fossil fuels, as long as a studies on the treatment and recovery of discharged water. Cutting-edge technology from Italy and Europe represented the strength at the base of our know-how and the pledge of efficiency and safety, two crucial points of Carvico Group productive principles and method. Thanks to these grounds we have been able to achieve the goal of a controlled and standardized production process that boosts efficiency and leaves no room to energy dispersion, un-renewable resources waste and unnecessary scraps generation, on a process of constant technical development and high quality standards consistency. 

As part of the larger Italian Carvico S.p.a Group – European leader in the warp knitting fabric production for performance sportswear, swimwear, underwear and interior design applications – we are bringing to GEFE 2022 the principles, the vision and the responsibility of our Group, for a more sustainable growth of Hung Yen Knitting & Dyeing in the years to come, sharing new ambitious and more virtuous goals, by becoming active contributors on the Vietnam National Agenda to 2030 for a Sustainable Development of the country; for the Planet for the People, for the Future.

Find out more details about the event agenda and scheduled conferences and seminars on the official website of the European Chamber of Commerce here Green Economy Forum & Exhibition (GEFE) 2022

Recycled, Virgin and Shiny are the names chosen for Hung Yen three new collections, featuring a renewed product range including even more fabrics for swimwear & beachwear, activewear and underwear; these new collections are even more accessible and high performance than their predecessors but are characterized by the usual quality and customer-oriented services

A brand new, more direct, and practical communication with a distinctive and elegant graphic layout achieved through a complete and coherent restyling of the instruments selected to better narrate the performance of each collection and to guide customers in the process of selecting the fabrics which best suit their exigences and needs. Time to discover Hung Yen Evolves:

The RECYCLED collection has been designed for the near future, and comprises several items made of recycled and certified Polyamide and Polyester. We are talking about a selection of innovative, eco-sustainable fibers, regenerated from post-industrial waste (polyamide) and post-consumer waste (polyester – which comes 100% from PET plastic bottles).

The VIRGIN collection is devoted to Hung Yen “signature” fabrics made of virgin Polyamide and Polyester: a range of functional, versatile, and reliable products which well illustrate Hung Yen technical know-how, expertise, and history.

The SHINY collection is lively and smart and includes several glossy fabrics, made of bright, virgin polyamide, whose colors, features, and performance have been created to tickle designers’ creativity.  All such items are cool, trendy, pleasant to the touch, perfect for the creation of fashionable, irresistible garments suitable for casual-fashion and sports-fashion collections with consistent high-tech performance.

Black timeless glamour supports the vibrant color rendering of the 5 shapes based on which we have organized all our fabrics and collections.

The linearity and pureness of shapes such as a turquoise square and a red circle respectively represent the collections including virgin Polyamide and Polyester fabrics.

A light green triangle identifies the collection of products made of recycled polyamide, while an intense green upturned triangle has been chosen to identify the collection of fabrics made of recycled polyester. Finally, a pink X represents the collection of fabrics made of bright virgin polyamide.

Symbols and colors are immediately recognizable and can guide customers in their choices among and within the collections

 The Recycled, Virgin and Shiny books illustrate Hung Yen collections providing details about the characteristics and possible applications of each item. Easy-to-use and immediate, the books were conceived as a comprehensive and certified representation of the elegance and high-tech features of Hung Yen products which stem from a thorough and consistent R&D process which is becoming more and more eco-friendly, and people oriented.

Samples and labels, all matching the master graphic design, complement Hung Yen restyling project and work as coordinated, elegant and easy-to-use instruments to be employed by customers, along with their PDF versions, downloadable from the official Hung Yen Knitting & Dyeing website.

Finally, Polyamide, Polyester, Shiny color cards have been created to complement the fabrics belonging to these collections. Fashionable and in line with market trends, the provide an excellent example of the amazing service offered by the company.

The 2023/2024 graphic work celebrates the strategic and consolidated partnership between Italy and Vietnam, based on Hung Yen 10-year successful activity in Southeast Asia.

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